Holly Kramer, PLA, Partner

A native of Georgia, Holly moved to Charleston in the fall of 1999, after completing a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Georgia. She began her professional career at a landscape architectural firm in Charleston where she gained invaluable experience in master planning, site design, planting design, and construction observation on a wide variety of project types. She excelled in project management and was promoted to Team Leader. Along with her husband and partner, Holly founded REMARK in fall of 2007 as a Landscape Architectural Studio committed to quality design and client service, with an emphasis on sustainable design. Throughout her career she has held a strong commitment to stewardship of the land and a desire to create places where people can thrive. She and her husband collaborate on mixed media sculpture and installation art, and have had the opportunity to show work at Piccolo Spoleto in 2010, 2011 and 2012. She is inspired by the natural world we inhabit and the beauty that surrounds us.