Under Construction - Pacific Box & Crate, Charleston

We are excited to see the progress on a great new project in the Upper Peninsula. Pacific Box & Crate, developed by the RavenCliff Co., will occupy an existing warehouse at the corner of King Street Ext. and Monrovia St. There are several new buildings designed by LS3P and the Middleton Group under construction as well to create this Mixed Use Campus. We have developed a unique, high performance landscape that ties together the buildings and provides gathering spaces to compliment them. Thousands of native grasses and perennials went into the carefully designed rain gardens. These systems will function to hold and clean rainwater on the site as well as providing habitat for birds and insects. Unique elements and materials such as custom bike racks, corten steel walls and custom benches add function and fun to the space.

This sketch shows the Boomtown! plaza and rain gardens. You can see the construction progress below.

This is a view between the buildings to what will be the courtyard for the new Workshop restaurants.

We’ve designed concrete benches in the form of ‘boxes’ for this courtyard. Below is one of the boxes being formed.

These great bike racks were custom designed for this project.