The Wait is Over - Pacific Box & Crate Opens

After much anticipation the newest addition to the growing upper peninsula district has opened. Pacific Box and Crate offers wonderful new additions to the food scene with the Workshop and Bad Wolf Coffee along with much needed office space within a unique, modern campus. From the great lawn to the courtyard at the Workshop, the spaces created for gatherings great and small really shine here. We expect many outdoor events will utilize these spaces in the future.

The Great lawn bordered by poured in place planters that act as seat walls.

Workshop courtyard with custom ‘box’ seats.

The woodland walk along the northern edge of the campus overlooks the great lawn and the entrance to Boomtown’s offices.

The large rain gardens both at the eastern edge of campus and in the parking lot are designed to filter runoff and provide wildlife habit.

Taken all together, this design-driven project creates a functional, engaging and high-performing landscape.